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Washington DC

I'm Anthony and I'm the mobile developer for the little guy. I want to take new ideas and innovations and make them a reality. My expertise is in building iOS apps affordably and quickly, while doing laps around the other guys. Do you have an idea for a technology startup, but don't have a lot of money or tech talent to get started? I'm your guy. Do you want to grow your small business, retain more customers, and put your business in consumers pockets? I have you covered.



Learn a bit about me

That's me rocking the bow tie. They're cool.

That's me rocking the bow tie. They're cool.

My name is Anthony. I make mobile apps, but I do a bit of dabbling here and there. I live and work in Washington, DC.

I'm a developer with a strong entrepreneurial bent. I love helping companies grow, develop, and disrupt the state of things. The nature of everything is change. You don't adapt, you die, and I don't intend on getting out of the game anytime soon.

A few years ago, I realized that there were so many ideas just languishing without anyone to make them happen. I decided to change that. Over the course of a few months and with a lot of online resources and books, I taught myself how to code. From that point, I've been taking ideas and making them reality.

My background in business gives me a unique perspective on building tech. I can see the whole picture and I can explain it in the simplest terms possible. I pull out all the techno-babble, because that's not how I think about it. Why explain it that way? My unique perspective also allows me to be the best devil's advocate out there. I relish it. So many people ask how, what, where, and when, but they forget to ask why. Why would someone use this? Why do you think they behave this way? Why is this the best solution to this problem? It's always best to get a poor idea out of the way, so a great one can take root.

Technology and software in particular have the amazing ability to change the world for the better. It flattens the playing field, creates new insights, and opens doors we never knew were there. I'm building that future and making ideas a reality.

Bring it on.

Beyond being up to my elbows in code and logic, I enjoy biking, hiking, football (soccer to the Americans), amateur photography (photos on the site are mine), and dancing. I constantly have little side projects going on, be them apps or small inventions. I aspire to be the proud owner of a 3D printer and laser engraver in the near future. Also, I like scotch.