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I'm Anthony and I'm the mobile developer for the little guy. I want to take new ideas and innovations and make them a reality. My expertise is in building iOS apps affordably and quickly, while doing laps around the other guys. Do you have an idea for a technology startup, but don't have a lot of money or tech talent to get started? I'm your guy. Do you want to grow your small business, retain more customers, and put your business in consumers pockets? I have you covered.


7 Things to Know When Meeting with an App Developer

Anthony Agby

Small business owners and entrepreneurs know the importance of being prepared.  Whether you are meeting with potential investors or contractors, you need the ability to express a clear vision of your idea.  When developing an app the same thing applies.  Here is a list of the seven things you should know before meeting with an app developer:

1. What will your App do? Not just a big picture concept like “the next Facebook” or a one-liner, but actual feature details.  Think the concept through enough to know not only what the end goal of the app is, but also the supporting parts that make it work.

2. Who the app is for?  Think specifically about who your target demographic is and how they will use it.  Knowing your audience is key not only to building a successful app, but marketing it in the future.
3. Why will they use your app? There are a lot of apps out there; you need to know what makes yours different.  Concentrate on what makes it better than current solutions or what gap in the market you are aiming to fill.

4. Do you need a server?  The server is a central place to store date, which needs to be accessible to all users.  The server stores profiles of users, making it possible for them to retain their profile even if they switch devices or lose their phone.   It also allows you to update content without updating the app in the app store.  There are also reasons not to need a server; for instance if the app is a utility that one user will use with no profiles or social aspect.  It is important to recognize this ahead of time.
5. What is your development Timeline?  Be upfront about the when you need this done and when it needs to be available in the app store.  The last thing you want is to find out further down the road it is not realistic to finish your app by your end date.  
6. How do you want the app to look? This may seem simple, but put some thought into the specifics: colors, fonts, example of apps of which you like the look and feel.  Think about icons, characters, and any design work that will be needed.
7. What is your budget?  Make sure to research ahead of time the average cost of your developer.  Going in knowing how much you want and are willing to spend.  Remember, cost affects time and the feature set available.


- Megan Curran