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Washington DC

I'm Anthony and I'm the mobile developer for the little guy. I want to take new ideas and innovations and make them a reality. My expertise is in building iOS apps affordably and quickly, while doing laps around the other guys. Do you have an idea for a technology startup, but don't have a lot of money or tech talent to get started? I'm your guy. Do you want to grow your small business, retain more customers, and put your business in consumers pockets? I have you covered.



Benefits of an App

Promotional Tool

  • Put your business in your customer's pocket
  • Just a tap away
  • The app is the new website
  • 15 years ago you could get away without a website, but not today. Apps are going in the same direction

Increase Revenue

  • Directly sell your products and services to customers in a new way
  • Generate advertising revenue either from partners or advertising markets

acquire new customers

  • Improved search rankings on smartphone searches
  • Show up in search results on the App Store (ex "DC Food")

Retain Customers

  • Offer a rewards program for loyal customers and keep them coming back
  • Send your customers alerts on deals and specials your having to increase traffic
  • Location aware notifications allow for targeting nearby customers

the Numbers

  • Average amount spent per order increases 20%-50% over a mobile-friendly website
  • Conversion rates 3x-5x over the mobile web, on par with desktop sites
    • lower abandoned cart rate
    • easier checkout process through users always being logged in
  • Impact of Push Notifications
    • increase foot traffic 150%-300% on day of push notification
    • 20%-50% increase in conversion rates
  • App users spend ~25% more in store
    • due to brand preference
    • 67% of consumers are more likely to shop from a retailer that has an app

Data from GPShopper - app developer of Best Buy, Shoe Carnival, and more

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