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Washington DC

I'm Anthony and I'm the mobile developer for the little guy. I want to take new ideas and innovations and make them a reality. My expertise is in building iOS apps affordably and quickly, while doing laps around the other guys. Do you have an idea for a technology startup, but don't have a lot of money or tech talent to get started? I'm your guy. Do you want to grow your small business, retain more customers, and put your business in consumers pockets? I have you covered.



Get off the ground

The hardest part of beginning a startup is getting off the ground. After you have the idea, then you have to implement. Usually that means finding a great tech team, which is easier said than done. Tech talent costs a lot of money, which is something most early stage startups just don't have. I'm here to help you get over that initial hurdle.


Many startups just need to get a proof-of-concept out there to show off their idea. Maybe you just want some feedback on your idea, or you want to put an app in a potential investor's hands and wow them. A proof-of-concept is where you need to go. An app that has a basic user interface and canned/dummy data, yet gets your point and idea across.

MINI Package


After you have your idea vetted and are prepared to go into full swing, the next step is the MVP (minimum viable product). A MVP is the core of your idea in functional app form, out there for the public to use and get value from. It connects to a server, has high-level logic, and can support hundreds of thousands of users. Get you app going at an affordable price.

Air Package


After your MVP is a success, it's now time to scale your app. This is when you invest into technology full-tilt. Get your own servers, control your user data more tightly, and scale the technology to deal with millions of potential users.

Pro Package

App development MIsconceptions

Many development shops quote 10's - 100's of thousands of dollars to build a quality app:

  • You can build a great app that can service thousands of users affordably
  • Startup costs are not what they used to be
  • Smaller, more agile teams can out-flank the bigger guys, less inertia

It takes many months of development to build my app:

  • Of course more features = more time
  • Getting a demo app out and running takes weeks
  • Building an MVP can be done in as little as two months

You need an entire tech team to do it right

  • If you want everything 100% custom, then yes you will need to splurge on a web developer, a backend developer, and a mobile developer.
  • Why waste that money, when you can get your app out the door for a fraction of the cost, prove your product-to-makret fit, and show investors you're on to something
  • By utilizing modern SaaS (Server as a Service) technology, all you need is a skilled mobile developer to get started
  • I prefer Parse to get the job done, they have great APIs, an intuitive backend, and speed up the development process drastically

Get a quote

Visit my pricing page and contact me to get a quote and a free initial meeting.

* Special equity pricing is available for startups, if the affordable pricing is not quite affordable enough. Be sure to ask when you contact me.