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Washington DC

I'm Anthony and I'm the mobile developer for the little guy. I want to take new ideas and innovations and make them a reality. My expertise is in building iOS apps affordably and quickly, while doing laps around the other guys. Do you have an idea for a technology startup, but don't have a lot of money or tech talent to get started? I'm your guy. Do you want to grow your small business, retain more customers, and put your business in consumers pockets? I have you covered.



Mini - $3000

  • Perfect for freelancers, individuals, and early-stage startups
  • Complete within a month
  • Basic app with limited network connection and low-level logic
  • Works like a mobile slideshow
  • Perfect for showcasing your idea to investors
  • A good way to have a proof-of-concept to get feedback on your idea
  • Great for freelancers to show off their body of work

Air - $7000

  • Great for small businesses and restaurants
  • 3 months to complete
  • High-level logic, calculate and manipulate data
  • Parse server to save and retrieve data
  • Get your MVP (Minimum Viable Product) launched and out the door
    • Show your idea is feasible and users want in on it
  • Businesses can jump onto mobile to connect with clients, customers, and suppliers
    • Offer deals and coupons
    • Create a rewards system to benefit frequent customers
    • Allow customers to track the status of their orders
    • Allow clients to request your services

Pro - $12000

  • For the more technical solutions
  • 3-6 months to complete
  • Integrate an iOS app with your current technology
    • Use pre-existing and new API calls to integrate mobile technology with your current web and backend services
  • Excellent for those looking to bring mobile apps to their employees and team
    • Can access data and information securely and remotely
    • Allow enhanced productivity for your team, while in the field
  • Build out the mobile portion of your product, while your team focuses on the backend and business develop

Stated prices are guidelines. Your quoted price may be higher or lower, based on apps complexity.

Additional Options

  • Publishing app to App Store in your company's name - $250
  • Database on device to store longterm information - $1500
  • Payment solution for in app purchases through Stripe and/or Apple Pay - $2500
  • iPad AND iPhone app version: 1.5X the cost of development
  • iBeacon Integration: $2500
    • Use bluetooth signals to track app users near your establishment (store front, office, food truck, etc...) and perform functions when nearby
    • Check users in, send coupons to customers walking by, track users in store and see what items they check out, endless possibilities
  • Put ads into your app: $2500
  • Utilize in-app purchases: $3500
  • iOS8 Extensions: $1500
    • Open your app up and allow it to be used in different apps and areas of your user's phone
    • Today widgets, photo editing, share buttons, document editing and saving, and even create your custom actions.
  • Apple Watch integration: TBD

All prices give you entirely unique code to provide solutions for your particular situation. During initial meetings we will focus on your needs and create an app to reach your goals.

Contact me to get a quote and set-up a free initial meeting

* Special equity pricing is available for startups, if the affordable pricing is not quite affordable enough. Be sure to ask when you contact me.